About Us

The BOT Consulting Group Inc. was founded in 2012 in response to inquiries from around the world by various technology and innovation-based companies, where they knew they needed to change their game in order to remain competitive and to survive long-term.  Through word-of-mouth, they were apprised of the high impacts Sonia Bot had with business acceleration and transformation in high stakes environments – they wanted that winning formula.

The industries that we serve are extremely competitive, and are challenged with continuous and disruptive change – complicated by evolving technologies and business models, ultra dynamic market shifts, changing competition, and increasing customer expectations.  In response, our clients are driven by an increasingly critical sense of urgency.  We understand the environments our clients operate in, having lived in them ourselves and embraced the challenges – we accelerate the time to value realization.

Change is occurring at unprecedented rates, and much faster than companies can absorb.  Change is also difficult.  About 70% to 80% of change efforts fail to deliver results.  Traditional “re-engineering” initiatives are not enough to create sustainable strategies, or to deliver true breakthrough transformations and turnarounds.   Well-calculated and well-executed change efforts deliver positive and sustainable impacts on industry positioning, competitiveness, P&L, and employee and customer satisfaction – more than what companies believe is possible.

Integrity, trust, accountability, and relationship are of top-most importance.  These are the underpinnings for the speed of achieving and sustaining success.  We abide by the Canadian Association of Management Consultants (CMC Canada) Uniform Code of Professional Conduct and the Institute of Management Consultants (IMC) USA Code of Ethics.

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