Achievement-1Ms. Bot takes an adaptive, systematic, and design-based approach. Her success lies in her ability to draw from her global industry experience, certifications, and being on the leading edge with various methodologies in the areas of strategy development, business processes, innovation management, business acceleration, and organizational behavior, and adapt them to specific business functions or industries. Working within the culture, climate, and structure of an organization or dynamic ecosystem, Ms. Bot addresses the end-to-end system to quickly pin-point true root cause or business opportunities and then leverages compelling strategies and solutions. Her unique approach significantly (and statistically) differentiates her results from others that apply single-stream or ad hoc methodologies.  Ms. Bot has deep understanding of the dynamics and nuances of the end-to-end business and the various business functions in the context of the respective industry. In addition, Ms. Bot educates and creates organizational learning for her clients, thereby raising the bar on capability maturity and competitiveness in the business environment.

By utilizing methodologies in entrepreneurship, business precision, Lean Six Sigma, systems and process engineering, and organizational behavior Ms. Bot enables organizations to deliver breakthrough results along with providing them a foundation to continue to excel.

At The BOT Consulting Group Inc., we measure and track performance and benefits at each phase of the mandate, and utilize predictive indicators to manage and eliminate uncertainty.   We proactively manage risk in order to ensure value is added with velocity – doing the right thing and doing things right – Business Advantage by Design™! download